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Morristown New Jersey, a wonderful diverse community of over 18,000 people. Morristown is the county seat of Morris County with the court house located just to the west of the central green on Washington Street. Morristown is located on the Midtown Direct train line of New Jersey Transit with service into Manhattan NYC Penn station.
There has been quite a bit of new construction in the condominium area of the Morristown NJ Real Estatemarket as of late. The condos at Vail Mansion project was a major success, The Dehart condos on Dehart Street also were a success, as well as the 40 Park Condos on the Morristown NJ Green looking to be a great success with their fantastic start here in 2008. The Vail Commons condo project seems to also be doing fairly well, located on Morristown NJ’s Prospect Ave. and backing up to Speedwell Ave, in fact there has been a steady streem of interest in the Vail Commons Condos as of late. There are a few other condo project in the planing stages at this point. With all of this construction going on the Morristown Real Estate market is being transformed.
The Morristown New Jersey real estate market has been fairing somewhat better then the wider New Jersey real estate markets. Things are still slow here with pricing of a home being exceptionally important, as well as internet savvy marketing.

Morristown NJ REALTOR
I am a very internet savvy Morristown New Jersey Real Estate Agent who can give you the competitive advantage you need to get your home sold in this challenging market or if you are a home buyer I can help ensure that you get the best possible deal on your next home. The internet marketing savvy Morristown NJ REALTOR working smart and hard to make great things happen for you.
Morristown NJ Real Estate Statistics:
As of October 17, 2008 our local MLS system has 134 homes for sale here in Morristown New Jersey, with an average of 109.7 days on the market. Year to date 144 homes have sold in Morristown and they took an average of 94.2 days to sell. To see all the homes currently listed for sale here visit Morristown NJ Homes For Sale, here you will find all the homes actively for sale in the MLS. If you would like to setup your own saved search where as new homes enter the market for sale you are e-mailed immediatly visit the Morristown NJ MLS search tools I have for you.
Morristown NJ Condomiums and Morristown NJ Real Estate
Thinking of relocating to Morristown New Jersey? Morristown NJ is a town with a great future.Over the past few years Morristown has been a hot bed of new construction condominium activity including Vail Mansion, Vail Commons DeHart Place and now 40 Park Condominiums (currently still a whole in the ground but more than 50% sold out). Other condominium developments here in Morristown include Morris Place, Parsons Village, Tempewick Condos, South Green, Morristown Court, Convent Mews, Park Plaza, Windmill Ponds, Franklin Corners, Twombly, & Georgetowne.
With all the new construction going on around the central green and downtown areas Morristown is becoming a wonderful modern town while maintaining it’s old world charm. Wanting to expand your home search, visit Morristown area homes for sale.
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Morristown New Jersey is a historic town with lots of new construction condos which were sold over the past few years and lots more which are coming onto the market over the next few years. Morristown NJ real estate listings !!
Madison NJ Real Estate:
Madison New Jersey is one of those historic towns that have the look and feel of gentler times. The old fashioned working downtown is a pleasure to walk and shop. Madison had nice shops, restaurants, and even a theater. The train station where you can catch NYC bound trains is located right in the downtown area as well.
First settled in 1715 and is named after the 4th president of the United States, James Madison. Madison Formed mostly during the 1800’s by annexing parts of Chatham Township. Madison New Jersey of today is a town of about 18,000 people. It is a fairly diverse town, with many people working locally as well as many taking the Midtown Direct New Jersey Transit train line into NYC for work. Parking permits for the train station are available at the Madison Municipal building and currently cost $400 per year.
Madison NJ Real Estate
The Madison NJ Real Estate market has been a market of price ranges during 2008. The homes in the lower price ranges, such as starter homes and condos have been selling very well and seeing their values hold up well also. The Madison NJ homes in the mid and upper price ranges have had to be discounted more in order to get them to sell. This has meant that over all Madison New Jersey has seen what looks to be an 11% price decline during 2008. We will have better numbers once the year is closed out.
James Boyer is an internet savvy Madison NJ REALTOR, but why is that important? With an estimated 84% of home buyers doing most of their search online without the assistance of a Madison NJ REALTOR it is very important that the Madison NJ REALTOR you hire to market your home be able to reach these home buyers where they are looking. Where are these home buyers actually looking? They look for Madison NJ Homes in the same ways they look for many other things, they go to the search engines such as Google and do searches such as Madison NJ Real Estate or a search like Madison NJ homes for sale, or Madison NJ REALTOR. Of course many of these Madison NJ home buyers will look at things such as or but they usually start looking around for more information than those sites can give them.
Buying Madison NJ Real Estate
Thinking about buying a home in Madison New Jersey? Do yourself a favor and work with a full time REALTOR such as James Boyer, who has a great deal of experience and market knowledge. After all this is one of the biggest investments of your life.
Selling Madison NJ Real Estate
Thinking about selling a Madison NJ home? Make sure to interview at least 3 Madison NJ REALTOR S before you sign any listing agreements. With many of the real estate companies doing business in Madison New Jersey, once you sign that listing agreement you are stuck with them for the next 6 months. James Boyer believes in customer service that makes you want to recommend him to your friends. List your home with him and he will put it in writing that ether you are totally happy with the Marketing he provides you or he will release you from the listing agreement without any strings.
Chatham NJ Real Estate:
Chatham New Jersey is one of the most prestigious towns to live in here in Morris County. Actually two towns, Chatham Boro & Chatham Township in many respects they function as one. Well known for their tree lined streets, wonderful variety of home styles and the large number of very proud residents, the Chatham’s are always at the top of the list of places to live for people in the know about New Jersey.
Chatham NJ Real Estate
The Chatham New Jersey Real Estate market always seems to be much stronger than the state of New Jersey as a whole. The reasons for the continual relative strength abound, and include having the Midtown Direct train station in downtown Chatham. Other big contributors to Chatham’s real estatemarket success include, having schools which are continually rated as amongst the best in the state, generally low property taxes by New Jersey standards, being located just 43 minutes by train or 22 miles out of Manhattan, and generally being close to everything that Northern New Jersey has to offer.
Chatham NJ Real Estate Statistics
Currently (08/30/2008) in the Chatham NJ Real Estate market there are 122 homes for sale, with a average listing price of $1,251,863 with an average of 106.5 days for sale. The current lowest price home in the Chatham NJ Real Estate market is $299,000 and the current highest priced home is $4,195,000. To date there have been 181 homes sold here in Chatham New Jersey at an average price of $858,909 which was 97% of the asking prices when the homes went under contract. Of the homes which have sold in Chatham NJ the average time to sell was 56.8 days.
For any questions you may have involving the Chatham Real Estate market contact your Chatham NJ REALTOR James Boyer or to get addresses for Chatham NJ real estate listings.
Relocating To Chatham New Jersey
Thinking of relocating to Chatham New Jersey? It is a wonderful place to live and well worth spending some time getting to know. Your Chatham NJ REALTOR James Boyer

Harding NJ Real Estate:
Harding New Jersey, an ideal community filled with natural beauty, historic charm, many older as well as newer luxury estates and even luxury condominiums. Harding NJ home to 3180 residents is a small community spread out over a fairly large area.
To date this year the Harding NJ Real Estate market has seen 21 homes sell with an average price of $2,233,000 and an average 126 days to sell. There are currently 54 homes on the market for sale according to our local MLS system. The average price of these homes for sale is $3,740,000 and they have been on the market for an average of 127 days as of August 25, 2008.
More Harding NJ Real Estate
To the outside observer the Harding New Jersey Real Estate market looks to be week, and to some extent that is true, but so is the upper end of the real estate price range in most towns. If you are looking for an excellent deal on a Luxury home condo or estate now is an extremely good time
If you are interested in the Harding NJ real estate market I am a very knowledgeable Harding NJ Realtor ready to make sure you get the best deal you can.
Relocating to Harding New Jersey
Thinking of relocating to Harding New Jersey? Harding NJ is a township full of old world luxury homes and estates with plenty of moder day homes as well. Wanting to expand your home search, visit Harding area homes for sale.
Summit NJ Real Estate:
Summit New Jersey, located at the North Western end of Union County, has a wonderful location between New Providence NJ, Chatham Boro NJ, and the Short Hills section of Millburn NJ. Summit NJ is one of the first towns that people relocating to New Jersey think of, for many great reasons.
Summit New Jersey is well known for its tree lined streets, variety of home types including large Victorian homes from the 1800’s & 1900’s as well as many Colonial, Tudor, and even Contemporary style homes. In its neighborhoods Summit has a small town proud personality with all the advantages of the conveniences that normally only a much larger city affords. Some of these great advantages include a busy and very walk able downtown district which includes many fine restaurants, shops, offices, and the Midtown Direct train line. Summit also has the great advantage of having some of the highest ranked public schools in the state.
Summit NJ Real Estate
The Summit NJ real estate market currently (09/05/2008) is an even market. That means that homes are selling at such a rate that we currently have less than 6 months supply of homes for sale. Currently there are 127 homes for sale here in the Summit New Jersey real estate market with an average listing price of $1,300,300 with an average of 112 days for sale. To date there have been 181 homes sold in Summit NJ at an average price of $984,000 which was 98.2% of the asking price when the homes went under contract. Of the homes which have sold in Summit New Jersey, the average time to sell has been 55.1 in the Summit New Jersey real estate market.
Being a local Summit NJ REALTOR I make sure to stay abreast of what is going on in the sometimes complicated real estate market here in Summit. You can count on me for the latest information and the best advice concerning your real estate decisions.
Relocating to Summit NJ
Thinking of relocating to Summit New Jersey? Summit has so much to offer that you must take a look at it. Wanting to expand your search to include towns beyond Summit NJ, visit Summit NJ area homes for sale, where you will find every home listed for sale in our local multiple listing service (MLS). Contact me to day for Summit NJ real estate listings.
Morris County NJ Real Estate
Morris County is home to many great towns to call home. Towns such as Parsippany, Hanover, and Mendham to name just a few. When it is time to buy or sell a Morris County home, call on the best first and let me show you how I guarantee to get your home sold!! To see every last Morris County home for sale, visit my home search page where you can easily search not only Morris County homes for sale but Essex County as well as Union County, Somerset County, and Sussex County homes for sale.