Bears Paw Country Club Homes For Sale In Naples

If there is one thing that the city of Naples in Florida is known for, it is the incredible number of golfing communities throughout the city. Naples is a city that gives you access to not only the Gulf of Mexico, and beautiful landscapes, but also some of the best homes within gated communities. If you are a fan of golf, and you like to do so regularly, you should become a member of several different golf clubs so that you are never bored. However, you might want to find one location that you can call your own. A highly recommended country club is called Bears Paw naples real estate.

Why Living In A Country Club Might Be Right For You

Many of the individuals and families that live within these gated communities simply do so because they enjoy the lifestyle. There are always activities happening, and families with kids also like to provide them with the best. As they grow up, they will be able to learn how to golf and will have access to all of the amenities. You will certainly find Bears Paw to be one of the best-golfing communities.

Bears Paw Country Club

This is a facility that was built on around 240 acres. It contains rolling hills, freshwater lakes, and different types of vegetation and trees. It is conveniently located about 30 minutes from the international airport, and you will also have access to restaurants, shops, and even botanical gardens. You can access this facility heading south on the 75, taking the Golden Gate Parkway exit. When you get to look at the homes, you will realize how incredible they are, and sometimes you can get a great deal.

What Type Of Memberships Do They Currently Offer?

The memberships that are offered at this country club will allow you to play golf, tennis, and also access the fitness center where you can do stretching, weightlifting, and even yoga. There is also a social membership where you can start attending the different social activities. Although this is all good news, your main goal might be to purchase a piece of real estate within this community. You can talk to realtors that will have listings, and if you do find one, you should consider yourself lucky because there are less than 300 available. The same is true for golf memberships which number the same as the number of homes that are available.

How Much Will It Cost To Purchase A Bears Paw Home?

The homes in this community can cost as little as $750,000-$1 million. Condominiums are much less expensive. For just over $210,000, you should be able to find one that will be accommodating. These can go up as high as $500,000 each. Some of the sellers are going to be happy to work with you. By submitting your offer through your realtor, you can find out what they will say. At the very least, purchase the $25,000 golf membership fee, and the $3000 for the social membership fee, so that you can at least golf and have fun while you are waiting to purchase a new home.

Although this is adjacent to Grey Oaks, one of the more expensive country clubs and all of Naples, Bears Paw is very affordable by comparison, yet it can provide the same type of beauty and natural surroundings that you will see at similar locations. Find out more about Bears Paw and the homes they have available, plus ask about the membership. It will be a wise investment if you can get a home there, along with the different membership options that will keep you entertained.